One day in August, the sun was blazing hot, at the Kim Tin Long An factory, the sound of machines was running steadily, at the screw welding rod packaging workshop (SWRW), the workers ware packeing finished products in a flash. At a steady pace, no one told anyone, everyone tried to complete their work to keep up with the production schedule. Mr. Nguyen Minh Luan – SWRW, who has worked for 9 years at Kim Tin Long An Factory, said: “An average of 1 minute binds 5 welding rods, and for new workers, one week can be completed competently. “

Mr. Nguyen Minh Luan – SWRW staff.

Making use the lunch, we broke into the canteen to the experience of employees meal here. The atmosphere of the cafeteria was quite exciting, everyone gathered in a round table just like family. And we are fortunate to hear from employees here about their daily life and difficulties at work.

Factory is second home.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Luan – SWRW staff said that because his house was far, 20km away from the company, at 5 am, he had to leave the house to start work shift at 6:15. There are days of overtime work until the evening, the workers eat something and then go home to sleep for energy to go to work tomorrow. He smiled: “Sometimes the time at home is less than at the factory. There are days when I rest at home, but I miss the sound of the machine, sounds like a habit. ”

Each worker here think that: “The factory is a home, every colleague is a relative, always ready to share and help. Only in that solidarity and love, we may rise above ourselves, stick with the profession and never stop being optimistic. The worker shirt is worn out over the years, the daily work is repeated, hands are hard but we still love the color of Kim Tin shirt, love our work ”.

Kim Tin encourages us to change for development.

The employees with sweat-soaked shirts not only completed their professional work well, but also always implemented corporate culture. And together create separate values, integrating into the 4.0 period, Kim Tin Long An is in the period of reform, each employee gains, cultivates knowledge, applies information technology to increase labor productivity, labor efficiency, reduce direct labor time, go into depth of work quality. Efforts and career attachment also are interested by the leaders. The difficulties in life, the struggles and worries are encouraged in time.

Good welfare policy

All workers at the factory are entitled to the same benefits as employees: annual travel, Tet vacations, sports festivals, family festivals …. But besides that they are entitled to several other policies such as breakfast food additives as overtime, bonuses diligence, supply of drinking water, sugar ice tea.

When talking about lunch at the cafeteria, most of the employees here are interested in the diverse menu, it guarantees the dishes food hygiene and safety. Most factory workers are people from other provinces so the life away from home is difficult, all day working at the factory, spending the whole night in the motel room. Therefore, for them every meal at the factory is a very cozy and happy moment because they do not have to eat alone, everyone is sitting together like family telling each other stories about life and it eases homesickness.

We chose the hard job

Each person chose a dream to pursuit, a profession to devote. Whether the profession is widely known and praised, or just cherish in silent! We pride ourselves on creating quality products and more than that we pride ourselves on the color of the worker shirts we wear every day.

Marketing room

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