The day I entered Kim Tin was the time my second chilld was 15 months. Kim Tin turned 20 years old, my child entered 1st grade. That’s all but enough to leave the impression of a family of Kim Tin in the hearts of my children.
First, in the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017, the Board of Directors of Kim Tin Joint Stock Company organized a meaningful playground for the children. From the stage of preparing the tray of fruits with the favorite animals made from fruits, the children were eager to have fun magic tricks. And the prizes are superheroes, special dolls for pupils who have completed the mission during the school year as a certificate of merit from the President of the Group. My first child is quieter, less emotional, but happy today about showing off about this certificate. He/she was proud that he/she has been recognized by Kim Tin’s achievements, and promise to try harder next year.
Mid-Autumn Festival 2017
Then another Mid-Autumn Festival came again, as promised, my kids to be excited to attend the 2018 Full Moon Festival. From the previous evening at the office, the staffs prepared everything, which are: Blowing balloons, displaying five fruits, decorating the stage …. and indispensable rewards for the great students who have completed their academic achievements in the last school year and the lovely gifts for small children. The joy is indescribable, promising the nearest day that they can come to Kim Tin.
Mid-Autumn Festival 2018
And one day in the middle of winter 2018 , the whole sky on the banks of the Red River stood out in a brilliant yellow, the color of Kim Tin’s shirt. The sunshine and the wind of the Red River did not prevent the footsteps of the Kim Tin family to gather to the “Kim Tin Family Festival Day” the day that the families met, exchange, and affectionate to understand. more about your spouse’s work. For the children have fun and creative. Everyone’s face was radiant, their hands shook hands as long as it was time to meet their loved ones in the family again. The children are excited because there is a large playground to play games together with parents. Everyone was happy and thanked Kim Tin Joint Stock Company has given the families a new playground, to see how Kim Tin family is warm and happy.
Family Day 2018
At the end of the family festival, my kids were tired but still not forgot to ask, “Mom , when will we be able to go to Kim Tin Family Festival again”. With the children every day to go to Kim Tin to play are family festivals.
Before going to bed, my second child still talked about this festival and did not forget to whisper in her mother’s ear : “Today I see an uncle who also has a Kim Tin backpack like us, Mom.” “Oh, he’s from the Kim Tin family, daughter.” I answered. As if she understood that she was smiling. And do not forget to flatter, “I love Kim Tin yellow dress, I love you, I promise to be good and study well so you will let me go to Kim Tin next year.” “I love you and love Kim Tin too “I responded. Then they fell asleep and dreamed about a reunion season 2019.
Thank Kim Tin for giving the children beautiful childhood memories. Congratulations Kim Tin, 20 years old and fly higher and higher!
Family Day 2018
Nguyen Thi Thuy Lieu – Accountant of Kim Tin Hanoi Joint Stock Company

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