I came to Kim Tin one day in early March 2016, when my life was in the most difficult and darkest time. My husband suddenly died after a stroke leaving me with my young daughter, who is less than 3 years old. My condition forced me to find another job. Before that I was an office worker at a Taxi company in Hung Yen.
I stumbled upon the recruitment of Administration staff of Kim Tin Joint Stock Company on facebook. I got to know Kim Tin through a few acquaintances who worked at the Hung Yen factory. I did not think much that time. I called Ms. Tran Ngoc Thuy to discuss and learned that one condition when working at Kim Tin is required to submit the original certificate. I submitted an interview. Remember under my circumstances, dressing up like I on the interviewing day  was too sketchy. I did not prepare much for appearance. Long hair did not bother to cut, with an orange life jacket, feet wearing flat shoes. I apply but did not hope much because I did not feel confident.
The first impression is the way the to the company are plenty of turns, the departments are arranged in a building of the Gia Lam level 4 train factory. In HR Department I met Ms. Tran Ngoc Thuy and Ms. Hoang Thi Dung. Ms Thuy and I talked about the job with the position that I applied for, I did not intend to tell my situation, but because she asked me when my second child will be born, I had to tell the truth. As usual candidate after the first interview, they would come to see the boss, Mr. Tran Tam Khoa, for a second interview, but the day I arrived he was away. So Mr. Khoa has given Thuy the full authority to decide to accept me. A few days later, I received a phone call from her to make an appointment to go to work at Kim Tin and that was March 1, 2016.
The first day of work I came early, preparing a little fruit for everyone, it was a memorable day to start a new job. After greeting from the departments, I was told that Ms. Lan, the housekeeper, had a cold and could not cook rice, she called me and asked: “Can you cook for me?” Although bewildered, but I still answered: Yes. cook with me is normal but I never cook for 50 people before, Miss Thuy came to rescue me, she said that when Ms Lan was sick, we put all the food in the refrigerator today, this afternoon we went out to eat, I breathed a sigh of relief. That afternoon, she took me to eat. We only met for the second time after the interview, but I found her approachable and intimate.
The first month of my apprenticeship almost started from zero because I didn’t have much experience. Thuy is the person who guides me, she teaches me from the smallest things. At first, I felt stressed, I was skinny and black, but I always told myself to try not to give up because of myself and people who love me. After 1 month of probation, I was admitted to the official job. From here my life began to turn to a new page. Besides working time, I am encouraged a lot by the colleagues. I still remember that we had a small fund to celebrate the birthday of everyone. Here is the first time I was blowing a birthday candle with so many people attended. I cut the birthday cake but also be trembling, speechless. Only thank for brothers and sisters, who took the precious time to birthday with me. It was a memorable memory that I will never forget.
Time went by, one year, two years, then three years. Thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of Ms. Tran Ngoc Thuy, the help of the colleages in my company. Ms Thuy is not only a boss but also an older sister and friend of mine. On business trips, she also remembers me, sometimes she buys the shirt, shoes and the sandals for me. She always encourages me whenever I am sad or having difficulties in life. I silently thank her!

On the occasion of Kim Tin’s twenties years old, I wrote this story instead of sincere thanks to the Board of Directors of Kim Tin Group, to Mr. Tran Tam Khoa and Ms. Tran Ngoc Thuy in particular for the opportunity to be a staff of Kim Tin Group. I would like to thank all of colleages and employees of Kim Tin Joint Stock Company who helped me in integrating with the new environment of work. Kim Tin – this place is not a workplace but also my second home. Every working day here is a happy day, everyone treats each other like siblings in a family. Thank Kim Tin for letting me rediscover my joy in life and for showing me that this life has a lot of meaning left !!!

Dao Thi Van Anh – Administration staff of Kim Tin Hanoi Joint Stock Company

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