Behind each manager is a worry, when born each person has a mission, and their mission is to lead a collective and assume a heavy responsibility. Their decision can change the future destiny of a collective, so each decision will be a concern associated with many worries. If each of us understands them, sympathizes and accompanies them on all fronts, that collective will definitely be a progressive and upward team.
Yes! Today, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Kim Tin Group, this marks an important milestone of the whole process of effort of the Board of Directors and all employees of the Company. I would like to write these comments for you, our leader at Kim Tin Long An Group Joint Stock Company.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Loan – Branch Director of Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company
When writing these lines, I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts in an environment where I had just been working for 3 months and was gradually learning how to adapt. When I entered the Company, it was a different environment, different from what I had experienced, my feeling was lost, but I realized that after all I was looking for a place that could give myself the opportunity to learn, develop and improve. And this place can help me do that, why?
Because of a spacious library full of books in many fields, where we can cultivate our knowledge after work without searching far away, where we can have delicious meals and an open working space for us to freely share and express our views , …
Kim Tin Long An Library
Garage area of employees
Kim Tin Long An canteen in eating-shift time
And after all that I have mentioned above is her enthusiasm, her view is to create an environment where employees can be cared for. Each individual here are not just colleagues, but also need to be like a family, sharing and helping each other to progress and move forward, and our culture is to help employees to work. The dedication and sacrifice of us is always acknowledged by the timely encouragement and reward of the Board of Directors through the annual and quarterly employee rewarding programs.
Book-Giving ceremony at Kim Tin Long An
Office in Kim Tin Long An
To me, she is a straightforward person with a clear view of life. She is always the person who guides and helps us find a bright path whenever difficulties arise. She will share, help us find solutions to these problems which we do not have a way to solve.
A meeting at Kim Tin Long An
Leaving behind the worries at work, she is a loving mother and wife who cares for children and family, a woman who always balances work and life.
Mrs Loan and her daughter

She is still and will always be a shining example for each of us to learn and strive, who inspires and keeps the fire to continue to take Kim Tin Long An boat far and high!

                                                                                                  Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa – Branch of Kim Tin Long An Group Joint Stock Company.

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