This morning, on the way to work 30km from Bac Ninh to Hanoi, I heard the song “Twenty” by singer My Tam in my mind thinking about “Kim Tin group and age 20”. Throughout the journey, something urged me to write a letter to “Kim Tin 20 years” about my attachment and maturity here.
Stepping into Kim Tin, a young girl about 20 years old with a lot of innocence and awkwardness still does not understand many things in life. Growing every day, after 10 years of working with Kim Tin Group, in many positions and interacting with many members of Kim Tin, I feel more mature and I always think this is my 2nd home.
Remember the first day, that is November 27, 2010 I began working in the accounting department of Kim Tin Co., Ltd., I was exposed to a dept that female is major. Here, I learn a lot from the enthusiasm at work, from the care for those around me, from the great collective spirit and love the annual charity programs at hospitals.
In 2012, the accounting girl was transferred to the supply room of Kim Tin Co., Ltd. New working environment, I know that learning is continuous and non-stop. Also because the environment and work differ from the accounting department so the thinking is also different. When I was an accountant, it required precise and meticulous numbers, but in the supply’s position room, I learned how to think, to be logic and flexibility in time. The pressure of work sometimes made me about to collapse and could not continue, but Supply Dept. is a place where I experienced, being stumbled and growing more.
And now, my job is Head of Direct Sales Dept in Kim Tin. A group that I am the only female. Because of the work that often goes to the market, meeting customers … it seems to be difficult for women because there will be more limitations than men , but by what I have been trained, learned, previous experience always gives me more confidence in the environment that I work for. Every time I mention about Kim Tin to customers, I always bring a pride of brand, people and products of Kim Tin.
Thanks Kim Tin _ where I grew up !!
Nguyen Thi Diep – Sales Department of Kim Tin Joint Stock Company

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