“In the first years when Kim Tin came to Binh Phuoc, the surrounding area was just empty land, roads were not invested, there were no shops. In the morning, there was only one noodle shop but it was hard to eat, swallowing but can not floating. I did not know whether the decision to stick with this land was right or wrong, but the passion for the job motivated me to bring the whole family here ”- shared by Mr. Pham Van Thi – Deputy Manager of the factory MDF.

Met Mr Thi one scorching sun afternoon, he go around the factory to test finished products and ask situation of the workers. Clear voice, exudes the dignity of a deputy director but eyes are warm and friendly .

Kim Tin is one of the leading enterprises in producing and trading welding materials. Realizing the potential of the wood market, in 2008 Kim Tin encroached into MDF production and trading, starting with the construction of MDF factory in Nam Dong Phu Industrial Park – Binh Phuoc. And that is the predestined relationship between Mr. Thi and Kim Tin until today.

He joined the project in November 2008 as a deputy supervising equipment installation works. When started in pilot production, he served as group leader. When the factory went into production, one year later he was promoted to the position of manager. As one of the project followers from the beginning, he is the person who witnessed the process of the MDF factory’s formation and development. This is the mark of the most memories and also that the specific evidence for the right choice “Leaving the city to Binh Phuoc to follow passion”.

After two years alone, running between Binh Phuoc – Ho Chi Minh City, the distance of nearly 100km was the most difficult. The thought of waking up in the morning, in the crowded city, even breathing would make him feel tired, which urged him to persuade his wife and children to live in Binh Phuoc. But in him there is still a lot of psychological struggle about going or staying because this stage is very sensitive, small children have just entered high school, have to change their living and studying environment, get acquainted with new things, friends were also new and Binh Phuoc still lacked of facilities. When looked at his children, he felt very sad, but he has faith in decision. Besides difficulties on the family side, his job also encountered many difficulties. Recruiting employees work for the production line was hard. The labor force was immigrants, they did not care about the working environment, welfare policies or training to improve skills, whenever they found a higher salary, they moved. As for the local people, they understand and have many desires to develop themselves and their work. After working hours they grow cashew so life less hard. So there are many people sticking with the factory today, accounting for about 60% of the current workforce.

Binh Phuoc began to change. Roads are invested to build; population growth speed is fast; Roadside inns started to grow like mushrooms; the school is also close to the industrial zone; human resources from other places poured in. Binh Phuoc was truly a peaceful land where birds perched.

When referring to Kim Tin, he always uses words that show respect and abundance of affection. Kim Tin in him is both a passion, a companion with him to overcome difficulties, sadness and happiness together.

To stick with the job so long, he said it was because of passion. A working day at the factory was hard. But whenever the machine breaks down, he comes up and repairs, if the day is not finished, then fix at the night, so that the next morning to go to work is still fresh. The feeling of doing the things we like, how much tiredness is also softly passed away. Besides, he did not forget to mention his hard-working teammates to create a quality product that contains the heart of professional lovers .

He affirmed that, while still having the strength, the passion and affection for Kim Tin were still as big as the first days because the Company always created favorable conditions for employees to develop. Besides the focus on team training contingent ‘s successor with the useful internal training program.

He did not forget to remind the young people: “Let’s follow passion, success will chase you“.

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