“There have been working days, I do not feel my shirt soaked with sweat” – shared by Mr. Mai Van Phuc, Deputy Manager of Welding Wire Workshop 2 of Kim Tin Hung Yen Joint Stock Company. As a young person, he always burns the fire of enthusiasm, passion and always in the mood to change to develop. 

I am not afraid to challenge

To have a solid career, a sustainable future requires each individual person to try their best, take positive actions and do not hesitate in the face of the challenges and difficulties that life presents, so just developed it.

The youngest 9x Deputy Manager of the Group stands out with his ethics and good professional competence, Mr. Mai Van Phuc has been tried in many positions in Kim Tin Hung Yen Joint Stock Company. Starting at the position of staff in the Technical Department, with the enthusiastic guidance of Ta Van Tu, Mai Anh Ngoc, Duong Van Hieu, … He understands the production process and imbued with the working culture. After much effort, 2 years later, Mr. Mai Van Phuc was honored to be voted as the best employee of the Group. Following the initial successes, he continued to be promoted to new positions: Deputy Manager of R&D Department, Deputy Head of Technical Department, and Deputy Manager of Welding Wire Workshop 2.

For him, challenges are one opportunity to train himself. After each challenge, we will learn many things that school or books never teach us.

I am not sastifiy with the availability.

In 2016, Kim Tin Hung Yen started production of welding wire. From an existing factory, doubling its capacity is a huge challenge for the Board of Directors and the employees.

In early March 2019, Mr. Phuc and Mr. Trinh Huu Dai – Head of R&D of the Group went to G7 countries to learn about new technologies to complete the preparation in the research process. As we all know, in the current era, technology changes day by day, there are machines we are using and operating well, but they are backward compared to the world. This is a real motivation for the Board of Directors and the technical staff to hurry and improve the production process. They are adhering to the experts during the test run. The first is the application of high quality plating process, followed by the difference in technology for twice the large capacity. Next is the automatic packaging system, which plays an important role in improving the image, product design, shortening the time by not relying too much on labor. At first, it was difficult and very tiring because of unfamiliarity but with all the passion, the employees in Kim Tin Hung Yen factory integrated well, gaining new processes.

As he told the story, he recalled that difficult period, his voice suddenly deepened. “I used to be angry with many workers. I know that no one wants it, but sometimes it has to be so drastic to keep pace with the project … We can’t be content with unprofessional work habits. Changing myself alone is not enough, all must change ”

I could not feel the sweat soaked shirt

During the project period, the work is much more than usual so his schedule is also changed accordingly . Previously, he was always present at every dinner, gathered with the small family. But since the new project went into operation, there were days when the sun didn’t rise and I had to leave the house and sometimes it was dark when I returned home. No shortage of overtime days, need to sleep over at the company. But from those difficulties, the brothers in the factory became more attached. We eat and drink together when we have to work overtime. Each person’s experiences and problems can be shared. From there, the work will be better the next day.

The bell rang to signal the end of the working day. Although the end of the day before, but on the face of the workers did not exude fatigue, because everyone all keep themselfves enthusiastic passion, brought joy and quickly returned home in time for dinner with family.
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