<span>Welding</span> Consumables

Welding Consumables

Kim Tin has a diverse range of welding consumables products such as welding electrodes, welding wire, welding flux, soldering iron, welding cable, welding pliers. Kim Tin's products have been certified by the leading international quality standards in our industry, such as NK, ABS, DNV, TUV, CE: NK, ABS, DNV...Kim Tin welding consumables are widely used in industries such as manufacturing food processing equipment, kitchen equipment, furniture, medical equipment, tanks, tanks, chemical storage tanks, and mining , textile industry, automobile, road and bridge construction....
<span>MDF</span> BOARD


Industrial board products manufactured by Kim Tin are diverse, including MDF, HDF, LBR, HMR. Kim Tin boards meets strict American quality standards such as Carb P2/EPA, which is safe for consumers' health.. Kim Tin boards are widely used in interior design, decoration, construction and installation. Kim Tin has the ability to meet large orders according to the requirements of customers.
<span>Metal</span> Materials

Metal Materials

Metal materials are one of the products that Kim Tin focuses on developing. Currently, Kim Tin is distributing products such as barrel belts, chains, spring steel bands, blue faceted steel bands, cut stones with stable sources, clear origins, meeting large orders of customers. 
Machine And <span>Equipment</span>

Machine And Equipment

Kim Tin is a distributor of machinery and equipment of leading brands such as Crown, Hugong, DWT. All products are officially imported, have full documents, tested for quality, warranty policy from 6 to 18 months.


Kim Tin is a distributor of various non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc ingots, zinc alloys, lead ingots. All products are imported through official channels, with traceability documents, ensuring a stable source of goods, quality and competitive prices.
<span>Post-MDF</span> Products

Post-MDF Products

Kim Tin owns more than 100 3D wood grain pattern codes designed from the most beautiful natural wood grain patterns. Different from other types of flooring on the international market, Kim Tin flooring stands out with its variable pattern color codes and multi-size specifications to create a special highlight for the space. With a super durable HDF core layer, 60% more stable than ordinary boards, Kim Tin flooring can be installed 400m2 without braces. In addition, Kim Tin flooring meets strict American quality standards such as Carb P2/EPA, which is safe for consumers' health.


Kim Tin provides trucking services and warehouse rental across the country. With a fleet of 120 container tractors, 10 self-propelled cranes, 20 trucks and 6 dispatching centers, we ensure timely delivery of goods to customers.


Mining and processing of other non-ferrous metal ores, used as raw materials for the production of welding consumables.