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The explosive, exciting moments; the spirit of enthusiasm, dedication, mixed with proud emotions during the days of participating in KIM TIN TEAMBUILDING 2023 - STEADY STRENGTH still linger within every member of the Kim Tin family.

Bright yellow color in the sea and sky of Phu Yen.

The 2023 teambuilding program was grandly organized by Kim Tin with the participation of more than 270 employees, taking place from August 26, 2023 to August 28, 2023 in Phu Yen. This was an important bridge that helped bring employees closer together, and was also an opportunity for members to meet, have fun, and regenerate energy for the next working days.

The inner strength of Kim Tin people

The program included 12 teams with members from different departments, together conquering the challenges offered by the program. To carry out the first command in the series of challenges, team members had to connected with each other quickly and strengthen the formation. Although they encountered some initial difficulties in communicating and transmitting information to each other, the teams still tried their best to gather all members and complete the challenge. From here, the excitement and enthusiasm of the members for the 3-day, 3-night journey become more energized than ever.

The moment the members together created the Kim Tin logo image.

Dai Lanh welcomed Kim Tin in a sunny morning. After recharging for the new day, the teams gathered on the beach and randomly received keywords for recognizing Kim Tin people: Discipline - Solidarity – Adaptation – Responsibility – Creativity – Proactivity. These are the core values that Kim Tin people have always preserved and promoted throughout the years. Now, in the teambuilding program, these elements had been shown even more clearly through the program's challenges. The series of challenges required all members of the teams to come up with appropriate strategies in terms of both physical and mental strength. Each member was an important link in each team's strategy, members had to truly focus and unite together to conquer difficulties to reach final results. Thereby, the members understood even more the collective strength, unanimity, and dedication to the common goal of the whole team. These are all the elements that make up a strong character for "Kim Tin People".

Chairman Nguyen Tien Hai delivered the speech at the program.

Be strong to break through and conquer success

The first teambuilding day ended with memorable moments for all members. There were eyes shining with joy of victory and faces determined to change the situation for the next challenges. Whether the winning team or the losing team, the members all showed the fiery spirit of Kim Tin people, in any situation they could adapt and break through to conquer new successes.

Under the fiery sun of Phu Yen, the teams once again experienced extremely surprising and interesting challenges. Each challenge required improvisation, flexibility, sharp observation and calculation, such as solving crossword puzzles or building a wooden tower together so that it was stable in the wind without shaking or breaking. After each challenge, the members were imbued with the value of building a solid, steadfast and persistent foundation with new goals to achieve results so that they could break through all barriers to reach potential customers and conquer the market.

Sharing love - Responsible to the community

Within the framework of the 2023 teambuilding program, the Run for Dreams was organized and sponsored by Kim Tin, taking place on the coastal road from Sala Grand Hotel to Nghinh Phong Tower with the participation of nearly 500 runners from Kim Tin Group, KES Group, Sala Hotels Group, Vietinbank Phu Yen branch and many other individuals and groups in Phu Yen. The charity run raised a total of 102,667,556 VND, which was generously donated to the Education Promotion Association of Tuy Hoa City in Phu Yen province. This donation aims to support students facing challenging circumstances, ensuring they have a wholesome return to school, where they can thrive and excel.. This was a meaningful, well-being activity that Kim Tin people completed on this trip. Each participating member was extremely proud to have joined hands to create good things for the community and society.

 The runners were excited at the Start.

Kim Tin representative granted the raised money to the Education Promotion Association of Tuy Hoa City.


Closing the activities with indescribable emotions, all members had the opportunity to look back on the past journeys during the 2023 teambuilding trip. Whether the team won or the team lost, all members of the Kim Tin family had a brilliant, meaningful and memorable journey. At first, we felt like strangers because we seldom interacted with each other, but now, all members have developed a stronger bond and greater solidarity as part of our larger team.  This is also the valuable assets that we carry on our working path, working together and having strong courage to conquer new successes.

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