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From November 13 - 17, 2023, Kim Tin's customer group checked in the 3 hottest places in Korea namely Seoul - Jeju - Nami. In addition to exploring beautiful natural landscapes, they also participated in engagement challenges.

Kim Tin’s Customer Group explored Korea

Kim Tin's clients ventured to Korea as late autumn melded into the early days of winter, eager to experience the crisp chill brushing against their skin . Wearing traditional Hanbok costumes, the group walked around the Gyeongbokgung palace to explore the unique architecture and unveil Lookbooks that are truly remarkable in their creativity and visual appeal.

KKim Tin’s Customers participated in challenge 1 - Taking Look Book Photos.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul, the customer group departed for the peaceful Jeju Island to complete challenge 2 of the program. The group conquered the top of Seongsan Mountain surrounded with a beautiful coastline. Standing atop the mountain, the customers were greeted by a breathtaking view of the sunrise unfolding over the island. As they took a deep breath, filling their lungs with the crisp, fresh air, it felt as though all their worries were melting away into the horizon. Besides visiting and taking beautiful images, the customers also had the opportunity to learn about the customs and culture of ancient people in Seongeup village on Jeju island.

Customers checked in the peaceful Island of Jeju.

As they journeyed, the teams seized every opportunity to strike a pose in line with the suggestions provided by the organizers against the backdrop of stunning sceneries. A series of delightful and amusing photos emerged, each one highlighted by the customers' relaxed and genuinely 'chill' smiles.

Participated in challenge 2 - Posing,

Participated in challenge 2 - Posing.

Saying goodbye to peaceful Jeju, Kim Tin's customers continued to their trip to explore Nami Island. The scene of maple leaves and straight rows of ginkgo trees that appeared in the movie "Winter Sonata" was fully captured in every customer's photo frame. There, the customers continued to take on the challenge of transforming into each main character in the movie poster. Although they had to become 'unwilling actors' in the very film they were creating, the customers quite enjoyed this challenge.. 

Our Youth with Kim Tin Movie Poster.

Winter is Not Cold with Kim Tin on Nami Island Movie Poster.

Ending a 6-day, 5-night tour to explore Korea, each customer surely had many beautiful memories and videos capturing their memorable moments. The most special moment was the time when the whole group encountered the first snowflakes of the season - a lucky thing according to Korean culture. Kim Tin hopes that this luck will accompany all customers in work and life and that the connection between Kim Tin and customers will remain strong over time.

Once again, we wish you, all Kim Tin's customers, good health. See you again on your next trips with more interesting experiences.

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