Ngày đăng:

In the modern rhythm of life, Vietnamese women are not only housewives but also have many opportunities to develop themselves and enhance their role in society. With their flexibility, softness as well as strength and independence, women have affirmed their own importance and value in the current context. The clear evidence for this is that there are more and more beautiful, independent and active women. They are not only good mothers, good wives in the families but also have their own careers, stable jobs to shine in their social lives.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day- October 20, Kim Tin offered extremely meaningful gifts to show care for the beautiful ladies of the company. At the same time, to honor Kim Tin women who are modern and proactive at work, in the family and in society, the company organized a Workshop named “BRILLIANT VIETNAMESE BEAUTY” with the participation of more than 150 female employees, taking place at Kim Tin Building and Office located at 69 Nguyen Thi. Coming to the event, Kim Tin ladies would select flowers and send requests to male employees to complete the expected products. To show their listening and understanding of women, Kim Tin male employees had created meticulous and artistic works of fresh flowers. Beautiful flower boxes were given as their special thanks to honor the beauty of women.

The space was full of flowers and gifts to celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day.

Smiles of beautiful women when receiving meaningful gifts.

Male employees were making products for female employees.

Male employees were diligently and perfectly finishing products.

Female employees were relaxing while participating in painting and enjoying cakes.

Happy and brilliant faces of female employees when receiving boxes of fresh flowers from male employees.

The program was organized as a way of expressing gratitude to the strong Kim Tin women who know how to proactively develop themselves, flexibly arrange their time to complete work while still taking care of their families in a complete way. The October 20 event ended in a joyful and warm atmosphere. Kim Tin's beautiful ladies had time to relax, enjoy sweet cakes together and fresh flower products created by Kim Tin men.

Happy and warm moments of Kim Tin employees on Vietnamese Women's Day.

On this special occasion, Kim Tin respectfully wishes all women good health, beauty and success in work and in life. Kim Tin is proud of the women's companionship throughout the Group's development journey.

Kim Tin Group