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To improve knowledge and skills for employees in charge of recruitment and administration-human resource managers; create common understanding and uniformity in recruitment; bring a multi-dimensional and in-depth perspective on the challenges of recruitment in the current context, thereby finding effective methods to recruit the right people  for the right position, on October 31 and November 1, Kim Tin organized a short-term training course on CONQUERING RECRUITMENT CHALLENGES with the participation of more than 50 employees (including online and offline) from the Group and member companies.

Trainees were paying attention to the lesson.

Useful knowledge

The training course brought useful knowledge and practical experiences through the guidance of Ms. Rosie Dao Hanh Giang - CEO Build Talent. Over the two-day course, the trainees had a lively discussion and interaction about the difficulties they were facing in the process of finding and selecting the right people for the company. Using shared content, members had found effective solutions to problems in recruitment and talent attraction.

Trainees were exchanging and discussing their difficulties.

Trainees were very enthusiastic while doing group work.

Apply the learnt knowledge to have optimal recruitment methods

The training course has helped the Management level to: identify candidates' personalities; know how to leverage candidates' motivation, passion, needs, and expectations; and improve interview techniques to select people suitable for the Company's culture and requirements. In addition, the training course also helps the Human Resources Department and the Recruitment Department understand the talent war; Identify talent portraits; Strengthen candidate search and approach techniques, build employer branding and increase employee experience. From the challenges we are facing in the process of recruiting and retaining the talents, we can see that: recruitment is a difficult task, however, it is even more difficult to retain the talents to motivate them voluntarily contribute to the company. When employee experience becomes a priority and a key factor in recruitment, the Company is required to increasingly promote recruitment branding and corporate culture. Creating a healthy, friendly, and well-being working environment is the foundation for promoting the company brand, helping to attract candidates and position Kim Tin's value in the labor market.

Trainees were taking photos with Ms. Hanh Giang.

Lessons learned after the training course

After the course, with useful knowledge and enthusiastic experience sharing from Ms. Hanh Giang, the trainees were supplemented with professional knowledge and experience in interviewing, selecting suitable candidates, and applying such learnt knowledge to the recruitment process at the company, bringing more optimal efficiency.

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