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In the joyful atmosphere of the early days of 2023, Kim Tin Group successfully held the Closing Ceremony of 2022 and assigned the 2023 plan with the participation of more than 250 employees, including management and the best of Kim Tin members.

The Closing Ceremony of 2022 and assigned the 2023 plan.

In 2022, Vietnamese businesses, in general, and Kim Tin, in particular, faced difficulties from the double impact of the post-COVID-19 and the global economic downturn. In addition, Kim Tin entered a critical phase of the digital transformation process: the official operation of the SAP S/4HANA business management system for 10 member companies. Regardless, Kim Tin has achieved specific notable results amidst difficulties that still exist and are persistent.

Overcoming 2022 with many challenges

On the morning of January 16, 2023, the Directors of the member companies reported on their activities and results in 2022. This is an opportunity for each company to reflect on what they have achieved and what to strive for to accomplish the goals for 2023.

After the report of the member Companies, the Chairman of Kim Tin Group – Mr. Nguyen Tien Hai, reported on the operation status of 2022 as well as directions for 2023. At the end of 2022, Kim Tin Group achieved 93% of the set plan, approximating 115% of the target compared to 2021. This number fell short of what was expected when planning for 2022. However, from an objective perspective, it can be seen that to achieve these results, all employees of Kim Tin had to strive to overcome many difficulties and challenges from domestic and international markets.

Pictures from the 2022 Final Report Ceremony.

Entering 2023, Kim Tin Group will focus on operating and perfecting the overall business management system SAP S/4HANA, moving forward optimizing software benefits; lower processing unit costs at manufacturing facilities; optimizing operating costs, and increasing value per job position. At the same time, building compliance and discipline is also a key objective for 2023. This will be the guideline for operating all companies and factories in the system.

Honoring the best employees and managers of the Group

An indispensable part of Kim Tin's annual plan summarization and handover ceremony is honoring and rewarding individuals with outstanding achievements at work and excellently completing assigned tasks.

Golden Hand Award.

 Outstanding Employee Award.

Outstanding Salesperson Award.

Outstanding Team Leader Award.

Outstanding Head of Department Award.

Outstanding Manager of Department Award.

 Outstanding Director Award.

Entering 2023 with a strong sense of courage

The local, global economic, and political speculation is expected to remain unstable until the end of 2023, if not until the second quarter of 2024. More than ever, Kim Tin Group needs member companies' collective effort and consensus to remain on the strategic path. During this ceremony, the Director and staff of the member companies will each receive their unique set target numbers. However, they will all work toward the same goal: each company, guided by its vision and goals, will significantly contribute to the Group's success in 2023.

 The Board of Directors of the Group and the Directors of the member companies conducted the activation ceremony of the Kim Tin Group plan in 2023.

From the first steps to multi-industry and global development, Kim Tin Group always approaches its work with a forward-looking mindset. Kim Tin constantly strives to innovate and develop to satisfy customers’ evolving demands. These will enable Kim Tin Group to overcome obstacles and enter 2023 with a strong sense of courage.

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