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On September 15th, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company announced the PROFIT500 Ranking: Top 500 Most Profitable Enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. The ranking recorded the presence of two members of Kim Tin Group: Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company ranked 254/500 and Kim Tin MDF Dong Phu Joint Stock Company ranked 342/500. This has shown that Kim Tin Group's ecosystem is being consolidated to constantly develop.

Two members of the Kim Tin Group are present in the Top Profit500. 

Having been in the Top 500 Most Profitable Enterprises in Vietnam for four consecutive years, Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company has had a continuous promotion from 354 to 254. In 2022, Kim Tin Group is proud to have one more member in the group. The wood industry is represented by Kim Tin MDF Dong Phu Joint Stock Company, which is featured in the ranking at position 342.

Top PROFIT500.

According to the survey results of Vietnam Report, 65.2% of domestic enterprises participating in the selection have achieved and exceeded the pre-COVID-19 revenue level, including Kim Tin Group. Kim Tin is a group with sustainable growth even in the context of the pandemic, recording total revenue of VND 7,700 billion in 2021, up 11% compared to 2020.

Survey of PROFIT500 enterprises, conducted by Vietnam Report, August 2022.

This result comes from the efforts and hard work of the leaders, staff, and employees during the past time. At the same time, it also proves the effective production and business activities of the group in contributing to the overall development of the country.

Kim Tin's production and business activities contribute to the overall development of the country.

Since the third quarter of 2022, it has been forecasted that the global economic situation will be extremely difficult. The global economic downturn has begun. The US GDP recorded 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth; the war between Russia and Ukraine has not stopped and has complicated developments; the European economy was also heavily affected by this war; China still maintains and tightens the zero COVID policy, causing the country's economy to seriously decline. The complicated political situation, credit and bad debts are also very difficult, causing the Vietnamese economy to be congested.

To cope with the upcoming difficulties, Kim Tin Group continues to train and improve the professional qualifications of its personnel to quickly adapt to the changes in the market; officially operate SAP S4HANA overall business management system for all group companies to help optimize processes; reduce operating costs and increase production and business efficiency; and ensure compliance with the law in all production and business activities.

With the goal of sustainable development towards the future, in addition to creating more added values for the economy shown through revenue from production and business activities, Kim Tin also does not forget its responsibility to the community, such as creating jobs for local workers, protecting the environment, mitigating global warming, etc.

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