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On October 3, 2022, the group of Welding Materials Company and Trading Company of Kim Tin Group officially "Go-live" the overall SAP S/4HANA corporate management system.

Kim Tin Trading Companies and Kim Tin Welding Companies officially "Go-Live" on the SAP overall business management system. 

This event marks Kim Tin Group's success in putting the SAP S/4HANA overall corporate management system into operation with 10 member units of the Welding Materials Company, Trading Company, and Industrial Wood companies. Accordingly, the apparatus of Kim Tin Group will operate in sync with the management process. The governance structure is standardized according to international practices.

Representatives of Welding Materials Company, Trading Company, and FPT project team conducted the "Go-live" ceremony.

Photo of the Project Board at the Go-live Ceremony of the SAP S/4HANA system at Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company. 

From the "Go-live" day, the SAP S/4HANA system will be a tool to help Kim Tin Group optimize system-wide supply chain management, intelligent production management, transparent financial management, and effectively digitize work processes to increase labor productivity and support the operating system to make quick and timely decisions on a centralized data platform. From there, creating a fully integrated business supply chain is implemented throughout, from production to trade, to transportation, to storage, and to each specific customer.

Photo of the Project Board at the Go-live Ceremony of the SAP S/4HANA system at Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company.

This achievement is the result of investment in efficiency and much efforts of more than 300 members of the Project Board. The project team has gone through thousands of discussions, standardized millions of lines of data, and built more than 126 processes from 8 modules. 

Sharing about this memorable milestone, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kim Tin Group said: The digital transformation project is one of the major and key projects, well-invested by Kim Tin Group. This is a strategic step, contributing to improving the competitiveness of member companies, adapting well to the market and establishing a premise for the process of entering the international market.

Welding Materials Company group photo.

Welding Materials Company group photo.

Trade Company photo.

In the current volatile economic context, besides the human factor, a solid technology foundation is a prerequisite to help businesses overcome challenges. The successful "Go-live" of the SAP S/4HANA system is a good start for a strong transformation, contributing to increasing value and continuing to turn Kim Tin Group into one of the leading corporations in Vietnam.

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