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On December 9, 2021 in Hanoi, Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company received Vietnam's Top 100 Most Sustainable Businesses Award. This is the first time Kim Tin has won this award.

As a company engaged in the manufacturing and trade of goods spanning many industries, such as those of welding materials, non-ferrous metals, MDF boards, MDF products, mininf, and transportation, Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company has consistently defined its goal and direction for sustainable development.

Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company received Vietnam's Top 100 Most Sustainable Businesses Award.

Kim Tin has met the Sustainable Business Index 2021 with 119 indicators, including measures of business performance, indicators on governance processes, indicators on environmental protection, and indicators on society, in order to be chosen in the Ranking of the Top 100 Most Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam in 2021.

Kim Tin always complies with legal requirements for environmental protection during the course of production and business operations. Kim Tin also uses energy wisely to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, implements a circular economy model to minimize the impact on the environment, and balances the ecosystem to promote sustainable production and business. Kim Tin cares about social benefits in addition to sustainable production and commercial practices. This is demonstrated by a number of community initiatives including the Kim Tin shelters and the lunches at the Cancer Hospital. In order to share and support Kim Tin's attitude of solidarity, the Company donated security bags and food for the families of staff members and employees, especially during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Kim Tin's products are user-friendly.

Kim Tin has consistently made investments in new product development, cutting-edge production lines, as well as improving operational procedures for environmental protection, bettering working conditions for the workforce, and raising the standard of living in the neighborhood in order to meet the market's ever-changing needs. Kim Tin will also concentrate on the transformation and application of technology in management and operation to guarantee quality, enhance productivity, and maximize resources for sustainable development.

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