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In Hanoi, on November 2, a ceremony was conducted to recognize the businesses whose goods will become Vietnam's national brand by 2022. Only Kim Tin has earned this honorable distinction among brands in the related sector.

The representative of Kim Tin Group receives Vietnam National Brand award

Kim Tin wins Vietnam Value award for the first time

The Vietnam National Brand Program was approved by the Prime Minister in 2003 and assigned to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to implement it. This is a specific, long-term, and unique trade promotion program of the government on building, developing, and promoting the national image and brand through the introduction and promotion of prestigious and quality product brands in Vietnam.

The Secretariat of the Vietnam National Brand program visited the Kim Tin welding materials factory in Long An.

Going through a rigorous, strict, and explicit selection process with three criteria: "quality," "innovation," and "pioneering capacity,"  Kim Tin and 171 other businesses have excellently surpassed more than 1,000 applications registering to win the National Brand Champion this year, becoming the representative of Vietnam's image. This is a clear demonstration of Kim Tin's efforts over 23 years of establishment and development that have been recognized by the government. Over the years, Kim Tin has continuously innovated, created, comprehensively digitalized, improved products with green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving solutions, and brought many good experiences to customers.

A representative of Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company shared: "It is with great pleasure that Kim Tin has been recognized as the national champion in the first time we applied for selection.We consider that standing in the ranks of national brands is a great result of the relentless efforts of more than 300 employees. It has been a difficult but proud journey. We consider the achievement of the national championship as a motivation and the first step on the journey for Kim Tin to continue building a brand, actively affirming its position in the domestic and foreign markets."

Kim Tin's welding consumables factory

Kim Tin is operating two large welding consumables factories in Hung Yen and Long An with a total capacity of 230,000 tons per year that can meet large domestic and export market demand. Every year, Kim Tin has exported 32,000 tons of welding consumables to countries such as the US, EU, North America, South America, Asean, Korea, Japan, etc. Up to now, Kim Tin's products have been present in hundreds of thousands of projects across the country, including many key projects such as schools, hospitals, and high-class urban areas.

Owning a distribution system stretching across the country from B2B, B2C, and e-commerce platforms has helped Kim Tin bring products closer to customers. Currently, Kim Tin holds 35% of the domestic welding consumables market share and about 2% of the international market

Constantly changing and developing, Kim Tin persistently affirms the commitment of a brand that always creates the best sustainable values for consumers and society. We also continue to maintain its leading position in the supporting industry in Vietnam and aims to be the top enterprise in the industry in the international market.

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