Ngày đăng:

Every lady is like a gorgeous flower that is always in bloom and enticing. Those flowers are not only lovely in Kim Tin, in the “new normal”, but they are also assured, active, definite, and dazzling.

Kim Tin has evolved over the past 21 years, and as it has, so too has the perception of a woman as someone who has a strong sense of self-worth, excels at work, handles household chores, and is generally upbeat. They constantly have a strong desire to carry out the tasks given to them at the company. At home, they develop into kind, dependable mothers and wives. Particularly, they always understand how to strike a balance between work and family so that life is always lovely.

Kim Tin's women, in any capacity, are always able to adjust to any circumstance. They continued to undertake "three at place" duties at the Company throughout the challenging pandemic era. During this tense time, the Digital Transformation Project also had late-night meetings. However, they were able to organize their families well and swiftly catch up with the project's progress because to their steely determination.

On October 20, Vietnamese Women's Day, Kim Tin Group gives its female employees a variety of adoring gifts. Along with the thoughtfully wrapped cakes, there are also personal care items to energize Kim Tin’s ladies, especially those who are taking part in the Digital Transformation Project and must work under time constraints.


We wish our ladies always be contented, self-assured at work, and a constant source of inspiration for men.

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