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For the kids, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is more memorable without a party or an electric lantern. Instead, the family is gathered around a tray of rice as the full moon is being observed, and the parents have made lanterns out of milk and soft drink cans.

Lanterns made out of soft drink cans.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, instead of being the annual "Full Moon Festival Night," was a competition for the kids of staff members and employees across the entire Group called "Mid-Autumn Festival at Home is Fun," in an effort to maintain safety and manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Protecting Peace” won the special prize.

The "Mid-Autumn Festival at Home is Fun" contest attracted 52 entries with a variety of subjects, including martial arts demonstrations, singing, dancing, and drawing. The passionate participation of the kids and the support of the parents, especially because all of the Group's member companies submitted entries, were what contributed to the contest's success.

”Mid-Autumn Festival during Covid - only jade rabbit and moonlight” won the second prize.

"Mid-Autumn Festival gathering" won the second prize.

The kids' topic and presentation were both quite imaginative. The kids have skillfully expressed messages with each stroke or incredibly harmonious method of combining colors, including paintings cheering on the front lines of the pandemic and paintings of people staying at home to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival while still making sure to get in 5k. Additionally, each video rapidly and meticulously updated the most recent Tiktok trends. Prizes for spiritual encouragement were given to all works entered in the competition, which were special presents from The Board of Directors of the Group to youngsters during this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Employees of 3T celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

The Mid-Autumn Festival this year was also a cherished memory for staff members who were putting 3T into practice. At the Company's kitchen, they have planned a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival for themselves. Lanterns made by hand came in all different sizes and shapes. Sharing happiness and sorrows, everyone gathered around a nice, steaming plate of rice. The entire Mid-Autumn Festival was that.

Kim Tin Group Joint Stock Company employees crafting lanterns by hand.

Kim Tin Flooring Joint Stock Company employees crafting lanterns by hand.

The aura of mid-autumn pervaded the company.

Delicious hot meals.

Although the pandemic is complex, children do not lose their thrill or joy because parents forget about the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion. The children had a special Mid-Autumn Festival when they enjoyed the complete warmth of their parents' arms and were assured safety during the pandemic, despite the fact that the tray was not full and they were not permitted to watch the lion dance, participate in the lantern procession, or have a feast with friends.

I would like to send my best wishes for health to all Kim Tin Group employees and their families.


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