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Joining the happy and ecstatic mood of International Women's Day 8/3 activities to celebrate this day took place at 69 Nguyen Thi's office.

Kim Tin women are cheerful on March 8

March 8 every year is a special celebration to honor the beauty and value of women all over the world. While men are often connected with economic obligations, society frequently perceives women as being the primary caregivers for the household and children. Women's positions and voices have gradually enhanced in recent years. Not only known as caring for the role of a mother anf wife, but women today are also perceived with bravery, confidence, and enthusiasm in their work life.

The message "Just be you – Believe yourself".

The strong message "JUST BE YOU" was chosen by Kim Tin Group as an affirmation of the status of the modern women to bring a more open and contemporary understanding of gender norms. Nowadays, it is demonstrated in many different contexts, steadily dismantling preconceptions, and empowering women to confidently express their unique personalities. Kim Tin women is a living example of a contemporary, independent, and talented generation. The sisters showed courage in every circumstance, not just by living their own lives and taking care of their families, but also by successfully fulfilling the tasks they were given and contributing to the business growth.

In addition, Kim Tin tenderly presents sweet milk tea cups and modest gifts to female coworkers to provide them energy and significant spiritual values on this special day. This distinction serves to promote bravery in both work and daily life.

The gifts are meticulously made for the Kim Tin women.

Pictures from 08/03 program.

Pictures from 08/03 program.

Pictures from 08/03 program.

Pictures from 08/03 program.

On the occasion of International Women's Day March 8, Kim Tin Group wishes all female employees to always exude confidence, to be their best selves, and in particular:

Step by step, steadiness
Courage in each decision


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