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The delegation of Kim Tin customers has just had a trip to explore the autumn of Japan with many sightseeing activities, cultural experiences, and typical cuisine of Fu-sang land. The trip brought many emotions and left an indelible mark in customers’ hearts.

Kim Tin customer group "check in" at Akashi Kaikyo - the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Let's experience the autumn of Fu-sang land

Kim Tin recently traveled to Japan with cherished clients on a 5-day, 4-night tour. Osaka, Kyoto, Mount Fuji, and Tokyo are the four hottest "check-in" destinations this season where the entire group has stepped foot.

Kim Tin customers explore autumn in Japan.

In the journey of "hunting" red and yellow leaves in the Fu-sang land, Kim Tin's customer was overwhelmed by the beauty of the pristine white Osaka castle that stood out. 

Osaka Castle - one of the must-see spots when coming to Japan.

Sumiyoshi-taisha – one of the oldest temples in Japan.

The group went to the Kiyomizu temple, which is situated amid the mountain, on a chilly autumn morning in Kyoto. Take a stroll down Mount Otowa's slopes to experience the area's unadulterated beauty; all the stresses of work and daily life seem to vanish.

The pure beauty of Kyoto landscapes.

During their 15-minute journey on the Shinkansen high-speed train, the Kim Tin customers saw a close-up view of the famous Mount Fuji draped in a covering of white snow that stood out among the brilliant backdrop maple leaves. Every photo frame contains a scene from the gorgeous parts of autumn. Also, guests at the hotel on Mount Fuji can unwind and commune with nature by having an Onsen bath.

Kim Tin customer group "check in" at Mount Fuji.

  Experience an Onsen bath right at your hotel on Mount Fuji.

In Tokyo, the whole group had a great time walking along Icho Namiki Avenue, leisurely looking at the rows of money trees, wearing bright yellow shirts, and enjoying the fresh air in the heart of the busy city.

The rows of money trees put on their bright yellow coats in autumn.

After admiring the lovely autumnal scene, Kim Tin's customer group gathered briefly to chat, eat some fresh sashimi, and sample some warm sake.

Join together to conquer new heights

Kim Tin would like to thank customers for trusting and accompanying the Company for over two decades of construction and development. This is the strength of Kim Tin to always believe in moving forward.

With a vision toward sustainable development in the future, Kim Tin is constantly conscious of its obligations in all business and production activities, providing clear sales policies to bring the greatest advantages and income for Their Customers. Notwithstanding all the challenges that lie ahead, we sincerely hope that Kim Tin and our esteemed clients can develop a close relationship and extensive cooperation.

Once again, we wish you and your family good health. Hope to see you again in your next trips.

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