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Phase 2 of the digital transformation project involved designing and developing solutions in the context of the quickly spreading and unpredictably COVID-19 pandemic across the nation. The Project Board has successfully finished phase 2 and is moving on to phase 3, or system testing, which is the crucial stage of implementing the digital transformation project.

The solutions have been agreed upon after over six months of implementing the digital transformation project. This is the foundation of the procedure and how it will function moving forward. Beginning on December 14, Kim Tin began deploying ERP SAP S/4HANA software training for close to 300 workers who are BPOs, Key Users, and End Users of 8 modules (SD, MM, WM, QM, PM, PP, FI, CO). The training process will be conducted in-person and online at 4 sites (Kim Tin MDF Joint Stock Company, FSC Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Tan Tao general warehouse, and office 363). The atmosphere at the training locations has been quite "heated" over the previous few days due to the training participants' intense concentration.

Training session at the office 363.

Training session at Kim Tin MDF Joint Stock Company.

Training session at Kim Tin MDF Joint Stock Company.

Since this procedure will give staff and employees expertise once they attend the training sessions, it is the training process that largely impacts the project's success.  They must take an active role in the training process by contributing to group discussions and asking questions with the appropriate focus in order to make the most of their time. This will enable them to solve issues quickly and soon become a system expert. They can approach the software logically with the help of the parallel training program in theory and practice. They will need to access a lot of material at once during the training process, which is one of the major problems. Most likely, this will be the first exam that the staff and employees of Kim Tin must pass!

In order to ensure that employees at all levels have a positive mindset with new developments in the workplace, successful digital transformation goes beyond changing technology and processes to include changes in thinking. Because the system is new and there is a language barrier, the first phase of this journey will be a little challenging. However, Kim Tin has always been a family, a group with a culture of cooperation, willing to learn, and unafraid to face challenges. We must therefore sustain the principle of "Change to develop and last."

Happy New Year and best wishes for Kim Tin's staff and employees. May them be healthy and peaceful.


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