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The "Oak 2022 - 2023" Collection of laminate flooring was introduced by Kim Tin Group on November 6, 2021. The "Oak 2022 - 2023" collection is pleased to be one of the ecologically friendly goods and preserves its natural, aesthetics for any living space. Its 9 wood hues were chosen from the most attractive natural wood grain.

The "Oak 2022 - 2023" Collection of laminate flooring was introduced by Kim Tin Group. 

When design is inspired by nature

Oak veins have been altered in a variety of ways when it comes to man-made things. As the initial source of inspiration for the R&D teams in many furniture businesses, oak is referred to as the "muse" because it offers material surfaces that are acceptable for users' needs as well as a range of design trends.

The goal that Kim Tin Group has always pursued when creating new products is to evoke the impression of natural oak in industrial wood surfaces rather than only concentrating on color or pattern.

Oak: Nature's ethereal beauty

About 400 species of trees and shrubs of the oak family's genus Quercus go by the common name "oak." The two primary varieties of oak wood are red oak and white oak. Each variety has a distinct hue and features.

 In terms of interior design, oak is referred to as the "muse."

Kim Tin Group has introduced the laminate flooring series "Oak 2022 - 2023," which was inspired by the grain of oak wood. With a smooth transition between 9 wood hues chosen from the most gorgeous natural wood grain, this collection makes a special impression. Together with the straight lines and intricately intertwined mountain veins, the image of wooden eyes seems to bring a serene and vivid natural sky.

Bring nature into your living space

The Kim Tin Group consistently strives towards a sustainable green lifestyle because they recognize how important it is to safeguard the ecology. The "Oak 2022 - 2023" collection takes pride in being one of the goods chosen for its long-lasting quality, environmental friendliness, and preservation of the natural rustic beauty, rich in aesthetics for all living spaces.

 Light-colored oak floors give the room a sensation of openness and space.

Products from the "Oak 2022 - 2023" collection are safe for the health of the entire family and meet Carb - P2/EPA, E2 criteria. High wood fiber density HDF core layer that is extremely durable, 60% more stable than standard HDF boards, and AC4/AC5 anti-scratch layer that aids in reducing scratches on the hardwood floor surface. Two coats of specialty wax are also applied to the patented tight lock, providing exceptional waterproofing and water resistance. The "Oak 2022 - 2023" collection's products stand out for their incredibly sturdy construction and their capacity to continually install flooring up to 400 m2 without the use of wool, splints, or separators. As a result, it can be installed in both private and public structures, including shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, and schools.

Dark-colored oak floors give the room a cozy atmosphere and assist the living area become more in tune with nature.

Light-colored oak floors are a good choice when creating the interior of a small space because they will reflect the sun and make the room appear bigger and more open. Regarding the big area, the bright wall color and the dark wooden floor give the room a cozy atmosphere and assist the living area become more in tune with nature.

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