Ngày đăng:

Continuing to preserve and promote the spirit of solidarity and caring for the lives of employees, Kim Tin Home has become a typical cultural feature of the Group during recent years. The program aims to make dream houses of employees with difficult circumstances working at member companies of Kim Tin Group come true.

In 2023, facing global economic fluctuations, businesses are straining to face many obstacles and challenges. Despite this general difficulty, the Group still maintains the Kim Tin Home Program and supports two employees in difficult circumstances with the total value of VND50,000,000/employee which were given in 2 installments, each worth 25,000,000 VND. 

On August 8, 2023, our representatives were present at the workplace to provide the initial support installment to Mr. Duong Son, a dedicated truck driver. Mr. Son and his family have shared a longstanding relationship with the company, spanning two generations. Specifically, Mr. Son has been a valued member of the Kim Tin family for over six years, while his father dedicated over thirteen years of service to the company. Presently, their entire family resides in a modest rented room, yearning for a more comfortable and spacious living environment. Understanding his heartfelt aspirations, the program organizers conducted a thorough assessment, carefully reviewed the situation, and proposed disbursements from the KIM TIN HOME support package to help alleviate their challenges. During the visit, Mr. Son couldn't contain his joy and gratitude as his cherished dream began to materialize. It is our hope that, following the program, Mr. Son's family will find a new, stable, and roomy home, providing them with security as they continue their dedicated service to the company."

Company representatives visited and offered the support to Mr. Duong Son.

On the morning of August 9, 2023, representatives of the Board of Directors, Human Resources and Administration Department, and Trade Union Executive Committee of Kim Tin Hung Yen Joint Stock Company visited and offered the first support installment to Mr. Pham Tien Nghia- staff of Galvanizing Team who has been working at Welding Workshop 1 for over six years. Mr. Nghia and his wife have three school-aged children. Every month, the children's living expenses and tuition become an economic burden placed on the shoulders of him and his wife. Currently, his whole family is living in a downgraded single-storey house but they do not afford to renovate. Their living conditions are even worse during rainy season due to flooding. Receiving information about Mr. Nghia's situation, the Program’s Organizers disbursed the support to help his family to repair the old house. With the practical support of the program, from now on, Mr. Nghia's family will have a better and safer place to live.

After completing the 1st disbursement, the Group will continue to monitor the progress of house construction/renovation and complete the second disbursements to complete the KIM TIN HOME support packages for Mr. Son and Nghia when the houses were completed.

Company representative was offering the support to Mr. Pham Tien Nghia.

The Kim Tin Home Program has contributed to completing more than 25 houses of the employees in difficult circumstances over the years. This is a noble and compassionate activity, which has become a unique and proud cultural feature of Kim Tin. The journey to make the employees' house dreams come true will continue to be maintained so that employees can work with peace of mind, have long-term attachment with Kim Tin.

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