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On the morning of December 24, 2022, Kim Tin's staff and employees celebrated Christmas with their coworkers joyfully and pleasantly. The sound of raucous laughter against the background of Jingle bell music acts as a melody that brings the members of Kim Tin together.

Merry Christmas moments at Kim Tin.

Any of us who celebrate Christmas imagine the frigid mood of the final days of winter. Every day going to work, looking at the Christmas tree wearing a colorful shirt, each member of Kim Tin has an indescribable feeling. Does the business have any surprises for their employees this Christmas?

All departments made Christmas decorations.

The contest "Special Christmas Moments at Kim Tin" has received enthusiastic support from all departments. The clips are carefully invested in content and images, which have attracted many likes. Every department deserves an award.

First Prize: Indirect Sales Department

Second Prize: Administration and Human Resources Department

Third Prize: Internal Audit Department

Third Prize: Human Resource Development Department

Third Prize: Marketing Department

Third Prize: Direct Sales Department

Christmas season is also an opportunity for Kim Tin members to get closer together, feel the warmth spread throughout the office, share sweet candies and cakes, and "Check in" to save a great moment with friendly colleagues. Perhaps this is a spiritual gift to help staff and employees recharge with energy to speed up the last days of the year.

All the departments take pictures together.

Check-in to receive sweet gifts immediately.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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